Ontario's Scottish Destination on Lake Huron

Surf Kincardine's Station Beach

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Lake Surfing Station Beach
Lake Surfing Station Beach

So you thought you had to seek out the ocean to "ride a Wave"? Think again.

People have been surfing the Great Lakes for generations, but it has really blown up in the last 10 years, and Station Beach in Kincardine has all the elements for ideal Lake Surfing conditions.

Unlike an ocean wave, a lake wave is created by wind swell, making some of the best conditions occur right in the middle of a raging storm.

At first discussions of high winds, surfers begin monitoring wind speed and direction in anticipation of perfect surfing conditions.

As the energy builds on the water and in the surfers, they set out to become one with the water and embed themselves in all nature has to offer; eager to feel the power of the water rushing underneath them as they ride the waves into shore.

Lake Surfing is not for the faint of heart.
Lake Surfing is not for the faint of heart.

Ocean surfing generally means calm, smooth conditions for paddling out, followed by a long wait and a big wave to ride in on. Because lake waves are generated by wind, paddling out is often done on rough, choppy waters. 

Great Lakes surf Photographer Ryan Osman and Surfer Ash Adams from West Shore Surf Shop (pictured above) have seen some of the most unreal local conditions.

Some advice from the pair - be real with yourself and your ability before setting out, always wear a board leash and know your forecast and possible wind changes for the safest ride possible. 


Canada is Cold Eh?
Canada is Cold Eh?

Some of the best conditions for Lake Surfing occur in early Spring when the ice melts or in Fall before the ice starts to form.

Dressing for colder weather and water is imperative for a comfortable surf. A full body, thick wet suit with a hood, gloves and booties are recommended for a toasty warm ride.

A warmer wet suit is not the only difference in equipment; fresh water has less buoyancy than the salty ocean water so your board will have to make up the difference.

Check out Kincardine's West Shore Surf Shop for all your surf gear and Lake Surfing questions. 

Come for the Surf, stay for the Shops & Festivities
Come for the Surf, stay for the Shops & Festivities

The South Pier at Kincardine's Station Beach helps to create some of the best Lake Surf Waves in the area.

The Pier acts as a wind block allowing the swell to wrap around it, producing some of the best surfing waves around.

The pier also provides the perfect walkway, allowing you to conserve your energy instead of having to paddle out in the choppy water.

Not only does Kincardine have surf, it also has beautiful sunsets, an absolutely charming downtown, live music, patios with stunning lake views, and a very celebrated Scottish heritage.

Check out all Kincardine has to offer at www.visitkincardine.ca