Ontario's Scottish Destination on Lake Huron

Kincardine Lighthouse, Museum & Giftstore

Kincardine Lighthouse, Museum & Giftstore

Kincardine, Ontario
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Built into the bank of the Penetangore River in 1881, the Kincardine lighthouse serviced a busy fishing and local salt shipping industry. This octagonal wooden tower is the only ‘downtown’ lighthouse on the Bruce Coast. The Kincardine lighthouse stands 24.4 metres (74 feet) tall and is built above a two-story light keeper’s house.

The eight-sided tower rests on a stone foundation. Above the rear-entrance door, the year ’1880′ is inscribed in the cornerstone. Barrels of kerosene, used to fuel the lamp, were hoisted up these stairs by the keepers. The tower is capped by a red iron lantern and balcony, painted in the familiar ‘lighthouse red’. The first lamp had shutters that rotated by weighted chains to make the light flash. In 1922, the lamp became electrically powered and, today, large lenses rotate around a 500-watt bulb.

Lighthouse Features

  • Type of Light: Electrically Powered
  • Range: 30km
  • Height: 74 ft
  • Steps: 69
  • Style: House Type
  • Year Built: 1881
236 Harbour Street
Kincardine, Ontario
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